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On Board Credits, what are they and what can I do with them?

On Board Credits can be a little confusing, but they are a great perk for any cruiser. They help fund the extras purchased while on board during your cruise vacation. Below are just a few details to help clarify these great benefits.

What is On Board Credit?
On Board Credit is literally credit you can use while you are on the ship. When you board the ship you will have an account that is connected to your room, just like a hotel. As you purchase items or services on board, those purchases are added to that account. At the end of the cruise, you will reconcile the account with the credit card on file. Think of On Board Credit as a piggy bank of funds that is added to an account for you to spend against. As a result, when you go to reconcile your account you will have less to pay. If during your trip you would like to get an understanding of how much credit you have left, you can always ask the ships purser.

How do you get On Board Credit?
You can get On Board Credit is several ways. The first way is through the cruise line or your travel specialist during a promotion. These promotions are one way that guests are given extras without lowering the price of the cruise. The second way to get On Board Credit is to buy it. Either you can add money to your account prior to your cruise or if you are taking a birthday / graduation / honeymoon you can have friends and family add money to the account. This is a great way to create a budget for yourself on your vacation and pre-pay for extras over time.

What can On Board Credit be used for?
This last piece about On Board Credit can be tricky, as it varies by cruise line and depends on how the credit was gained. As your vacation specialist, I will navigate the details and make sure that you understand what your credit can be used for. On Board Credit can be used for specialty dining, spa services, internet services, laundry services, beverage packages, snacks and gifts bought on board, and excursions that are bought on board. On some ships, you cannot use credit that was provided in a cruise line promotion for the casino and for paying your gratuities. However, purchased On Board Credit, which includes On Board Credit received in an exclusive Dream Vacations promotion or purchased by you or your friends and family can always be used for any of the above purchases. We will work together to assure you get the most out of your On Board Credit!

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