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Excursions, when should I buy them?

Shores excursions are a great way to supplement your cruise experience. They allow you to get into the different port cities and see the sites. The process for finding and booking shore excursions can be confusing. This is another area when I can assist you. I can help you narrow down what you might want to do and understand when it is best to book.

How many shore excursions should you have?
The answer to this question really depends on your tastes, where you are going and what curse line you are on. If you are on a luxury cruise line that includes all of your excursions in your cruise fare I say live it up! If you tend to like a more relaxing trip, I would recommend a few carefully chosen excursions but you also might like a day or two to lay in the sun on deck. If you love adventure, well you get the drift. The one thing that is certain is that your cruise can be as full of activity as you would like.

When should I buy shore excursions?
I would recommend purchasing shore excursions before the cruise and if possible about a month in advance. You will have the best opportunity to get the shore excursions that you want this way. Additionally, you can pay for them ahead of time and won’t have to worry about money or using your valuable vacation time determining what excursions to do. Instead you can get aboard, eat lunch and RELAX! You can also wait until you get on the ship. If you wait, you need to know what you would like and reserve with the shore excursions desk, as soon as possible. Again this is to assure availability. However, if you are flexible in what you do, you can play it by ear and book along the way. I just caution that you might not always get what you want.

Who should you buy shore excursions from?
There are several places that sell shore excursions. You can do everything from finding a deal on line to booking with the cruise line. Many times people find deals online because the cost of the excursions offered by the cruise lines can be high. I completely understand that, and that is why I offer excursions through the Shore Excursions Group. When you buy excursions from different vendors, they don’t always guarantee they will get you back to the boat on time. This can be dangerous, because if you miss the boat it can be quite costly to get to the next port by the next day (not to mention hotel for the night you are stranded). Unlike these other suppliers, Shore Excursion Group still offers prices lower than the cruise lines in most cases AND guarantees you will make it back to the boat before it sails. This means that if you don’t make it back they will pay to get you to the next port.  This is the same guarantee that the cruise lines offer. The other option of course is the cruise lines. Each cruise line will have select excursions for your destination both listed online and aboard the ship.

How do I pay for shore excursions?

Payment will depend on when you purchase your excursions. If you purchase your excursions prior to the cruise, you will pay for them with your credit card at the time of purchase. If you purchase excursions with the cruise line on board (you typically cannot purchase with other vendors once you are on board), you can pay with On Board Credit or bill it to your room to be paid at the end of the cruise.

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