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Day 10 | Cairo


Today we took a rest day. We hung out at the hotel and slept late. We visited the sky bar on the roof and were able to see a great view of the city. At 6 PM, Islam came to pick us up for a nighttime city tour. We started by visiting the Cairo Tower. This tower is the highest building in Egypt and the second tallest in Africa. It has an observatory deck and restaurant at the top. Here we were able to see great views of Cairo.

Once we left the Cairo Tower, we took a walk around downtown and learned a little bit about the recent revolution and saw how people live. We also had some sugar cane juice and Koshary from a local restaurant. Koshary, a dish of noodles, rice, red sauce and lentils, is native to Egypt. It was tasty. Through the walk we saw how crazy busy Cairo is. Walking across the street is a feat in and of itself. We also saw shops and the prices for shoes and clothes that were incredibly low. After a walk through the city, we went on a felucca ride. Unlike the ride in Aswan, there was wind. The boat sailed smoothly along the Nile. It was relaxing as we were able to sit back and see the city from the Nile. Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel to turn in for the night.

Reflections and Tips:

Eat locally: When you travel abroad make sure to taste the local cuisine. You never know what new favorite foods you might find.

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