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Alaskan Cruise | Day Six, At Sea

I awoke this morning to the feel of the ship rocking and foggy weather.  I have discovered that as long as the ship is close to land, I don’t feel the ship’s movement, and therefore do not experience sea sickness.  Because we are no where near land, I need the Dramamine.  The crew is constantly swabbing the decks to try to keep them dry (an impossible task).  We have been told that any pictures must be purchased by midnight and all shopping will cease at 4:00pm tomorrow.  Because we have a lot of On Board Credit that we need to spend, we will be shopping today.

img_0948Fortunately, as the day progressed the sun did come out.  Not enough to make the fog dissipate, but enough to make walking the deck doable.  We walked around the track a couple of times, played ping pong, shopped and went to a presentation on Victoria Canada.  All of this made the day enjoyable and the time passed quickly.

Tonight, night we went to eat at one of the more formal dining restaurants, The Grand Epernay.  This is one of the chic casual nights; and therefore, we dressed accordingly.  Compared to the buffet this is much nicer.  You order off of a menu and each item is something not offered at the buffet.  I had a Broiled Lobster Tail and my husband had Alaskan Grilled Cod.  The
atmosphere is more romantic and quiet.  The photographers frequent here to take your pictures and that too, is something not offered at the buffet.  If you are interested in portion control, this is the place to be.  All of the food is in the amount you should have.  You can mess this up, however by simply asking for more.

After dinner we were tired.  I guess the difference in time zones and all the activities of the week has caught up with us.

Manage On Board Credit wisely : Don’t wait until the last day to try to spend your On Board Credits.  Receiving credit for your booking is great, but if you hold on to it throughout your trip, you will end up with a lot of credit at the end of your cruise. Plan it out so you use some of your credit at the speciality dinning restaurants.

Do dress up on the nights it is suggested : Today cruise lines don’t tend to require you to dress up for a formal or dressy night. However, they do have nights where they suggest that you dress up a bit. It is nice to be in dressier clothes.

Take a few photos : On the dressier nights, allow the photographer to take your photo. You are dressed up and having a great time on your vacation, so take the opportunity to capture the moment.

Make sure to account for motion sickness : Regarding motion sickness, you need to know yourself. Some people never get motion sick and others are very sensitive to motion. It is typically hard to feel the motion on most larger cruise ships, but that does not mean you won’t be sensitive to the motion. If know you are sensitive, talk with your doctor ahead of time. If you are not sure, it will not hurt to take some anti-motion sickness medication that you can find over the counter. Additionally, ginger candy or gum also helps with motion  sickness and dizziness.

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