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Carnival Vista | Day Four, La Romana

Beach on La Romana

Today is a beach day in La Romana. We got up a little late to find that the ship had not docked yet. The seas had been very choppy the night before and we had to slow down. We arrived in La Romana about an hour late. This gave us the opportunity to have a leisurely breakfast before heading out. Once off the ship, we headed to a taxi to get to the beach. Today we did not have an excursion planned. W decided to take the taxi to a public beach. The drive was about 30 minutes. Once at the beach, we set up our towels and relaxed.

The only negative of choosing a pubic beach instead of doing a Resort for the Day is the vendors that come around to try to sell you things. Additionally, there is no food included. The food at this beach was upwards of $40 USD.

Eventually, the men with the monkey and parrots and lizards stopped coming by and we had peace to go in the ocean and lay on the beach. I took the time to finish a book on tape.


While resting on the beach, I noticed a group of people gathering around a man coming out of the
Fish!!water. Upon further investigation, the man had just been fishing with a harpoon in the water. He had caught various fish and even an octopus! He definitely had enough for a few meals.

Around 3 pm, we gathered everything to head back to the ship via our taxi. First things first, lunch was about to close on the ship, so I hurried to gather some food. After a nice meal, I headed back to the room to rest a bit and catch up on journaling and emails.
Peach bisqueAfter a bit of a rest, it was time to prep for dinner and evening activities. This evening we decided to go to the main dining room, as Peach Bisque was on the menu. Again, there was dancing and fun to be had at dinner. After dinner, we decided to return to the room to relax. A long day in the sun can definitely make you tired.


Reflections and tips:

Be careful when heading out on your own: You can definitely head out to a beach or the city on your own by taking a cab from the port. Many of the cabs will take US dollars. You must be careful if you take this route. You are not guaranteed a specific experience and you can risk not making it back to the ship on time.

Consider doing a Resort for the Day: If a beach day is on your list of things today, let me set you up with a Resort for the Day. This program often times includes transfers to and from a beautiful all-inclusive resort. While at the resort you will have access to all the resort’s amenities, including the beach, pools and dining.

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