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What is the best way to keep my documents safe when I am traveling?

I always recommend people play it safe and plan for something to happen. Most times it doesn’t, but what if. Travel protection is going to protect you if something happens, but how do you easily cancel and get documents reissued if you get pick-pocketed? I recommend a couple of things.

  • I always (not just for travel) keep a copy of my credit cards, drivers licence etc someplace. I used to keep copies at home on my laptop. Now (because my phone is the thing I am most protective of) I also use Safe Docs. Safe Docs is a great app that allows you to store an image of your documents that you can easily pull up.
  • Leave a color copy of your passport with someone at home. If your passport is lost a color photo is the best document for the embassy to work with to get you a new one quickly.
  • Leave a copy of all your itinerary information with sombody who is not traveling with you. That is the benefit of using me as your travel agent – you can be certain that I have all of your vacation information. So if you have my phone number or email address in a safe place, I can always get it to you. However, if you make vacation plans independantly, make sure someone always has your vacation details. This is also important incase something happens at home and someone needs to reach you. If they call me, I can get in touch with you or if they have your hotel’s phone number they can call direct.
  • Don’t take everything, only take the documents/cards that you will be using. Ladies, clean out your purse. Gentlemen, do the same for your wallet. Travel light, because the card/document that you don’t have is the one that can’t be stolen.
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