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International Packing Tips

As my clients are preparing for their vacation, often times I get asked about what they should pack. Outside of weather and a
ctivity appropriate clothing, there are several travel accessories that I find to be helpful on any journey.

In general, I recommend just checking out Mori’s Luggage and GIfts. They have everything you would never have thought of.  In addition, Target’s travel section is amazing. Below is a list of items that I love and a link to where you might be able to find them. As you will be able to tell from the links, I have AmazonPrime and therefore prefer Amazon for most of my needs. However, Amazon is not the only place you can find these items.

  • Packing cubes – I resisted packing cubes for a long time, but when I finally bought a set I realized they are amazing. You can easily organize yoru clothing in your suitcase with this great find. Additionally, you can remove the packaging cubes from your suitcase at your destination to easily “unpack”. 
  • Converters – If you are traveling outside of the United States, travel converters are a must. It is true that many hotels have converters that you can use, but I would not count that they are available when you need one or of good quality. As a side note, converters are not for things like hair dryers. Leave those at home as they will cause electrical issues.
  • Apple converter kit – I love my Apple devices. To assure that they are protected when I travel internationally, I don’t rely on converters. Instead I have the international charging kit that Apple sells.
  • Luggage scale – The best way to avoid having overweight luggage is to weigh your luggage before you leave home. I always assure that hte suitcase is at least 5 pounds under the limit, becuase you never know what you might find on your trip to bring home with you.
  • My favorite travel bag (for ladies) – Travel bags can be a very personal item. My favorite travel bag has lots of pockets so that I can split important documents and cash just incase one of the pockets gets picked. It is also has several other features like locked pockets and cut proof shoulder strap. Most importantly it is on the small side and crossbody to help me pack less and save my back.
  • Compression socks – If you are going on a long flight, compression socks (or compression sleeves) are a must. Both of these items help to regulate the circulation in your legs while you are sitting for long period of time. I prefer the sleeves (which cover from ankle to knee) because I love my comfy, fuzzy socks on a long flight.
  • Fuzzy socks – For comfort during a long flight, I love soft, fuzzy socks. I personally love the NAP brand and have their socks, travel pillow and travel blanket. Particularly on overnight flights, it is very important to be comfortable.
  • Safety pouches – For many travelers, ther thought of a safety pouch might make you cringe. You don’t want to be a tarvel by having something on you that makes you look like a tourist. However, travel pouches can be quiet discreate and useful. There are over neck pouches that actually tuck under your shirt and waist band pouches that are like thin fanny packs that tuck under your pants/skirt. If you are a lady, there are even pouches that attach to your bra straps.
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