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Carnival Vista | Day Three, Grand Turks


This is the first day on land! Hello Grand Turk. The seas have been a bit choppy, so it is nice to be on land. We had breakfast and got off the boat early to head to our kayaking tour, which was approximately 20 minutes away When we arrived, we got in our kayaks and off we were. We had a 2 person “glass bottom” boat. Because the wind was high and the current was coming in, we had to work and be intentional about our paddling to make it through the channel to the ocean. The channel was built by the Army Corps of Engineers and is used during storms to harbor ships. Slowly but surely we made it to the ocean. The water was so clear you could see the fish.
img_8928When we got to the ocean, we got out of our kayaks and walked around. The cliffs were super rocky and full of old coral reefs. Off the edge of the reef, we saw the fins of a baby shark. After a while we got back into our kayaks to head back. About half way, we stopped for the most amazing part of the whole excursion, the “animal show”. The tour guides had fished several animals out of the channel to show us. We were able to see and touch everything from conch and sea stars to sea urchins and sea cucumbers. We even saw mangrove jelly fish and touched sea anemones. Sea anemones are so amazing to the touch, as they suctioned to our hands. The guides even cut open and served us samples to eat.

One girl on the trip was horrified by this, so the guides played a little trick on her by pretending that they wanted her to slice up the sea cucumber and serve it to us. She was so scared.

After the tour we came back to the port and shopped for a bit before heading back to the ship for a meal. After eating, we headed back to our favorite place, Serenity, for a nap. When we woke up, we showered and prepared for dinner. We ate at the buffet, which gave us time for more activities like popcorn and a movie at the Dive in Theatre and the Punchline comedy club. The comedians were super funny, but the lounge was small and packed with standing room only. Afterwards we headed to the room to turn in for the night.


Reflections and tips:

Enjoy the entertainmentEvery cruise has some sort of show or lounge entertainment. Make sure to check out the daily ship schedule and enjoy the evening entertainment.

Take excursionsWhile the ships can be beautiful and full of activities, you are going to some amazing stops, so get off of the boat. Some ports are going to have several things to do within easy walking distance, but some do not. Make sure to let me know your interests so that I can best plan the best time for you.

Don’t sleep in on port days: You are only in port for a limited amount of time. Forego the late rise for some amazing adventures. Save sleeping late for those days at sea.

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