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What should I do if my flight gets delayed?


Even after the perfect trip is planned, things can happen that make interrupt your trip. The most common issue is a flight delay due to weather. Wether delays can cause a cascading effect accross airports that unfortunatley can delay the start of your vacation. However, when you first learn of a delay or cancellation, there are a few things that you can do to help assure that your trip gets back on track as soon as possible.

  • Call me. I always watch things like the weather when I have clients traveling, just to try to head off any issues, but if you run into a problem call me. This is particularly important if you are headed to a cruise, as I will contact the cruise line to alrert them of your delay.
  • Buy insurance.  While I can help with re-bookings and finding a place to sleep for the night, all of these things can come at a cost. Having travel protection that covers your entire trip including your flights will help cover these costs.
  • Pack a carry-on. I am a strong believer of the carry-on. If you are going away for a short period of time try to just take a carry-on. If you are on a longer trip, make sure to have essentials and a change of clothes in your carry-on. Luggage that never leaves your side, doesn’t get lost.
  • Download the app. If you have a smart phone, make sure to have your airline’s app on your phone. Many times you will get updated info on the app before they announce it at the gate. Additionally, it is super easy to reschedule on the app before the few seats left on the next flight are gone.
  • Pay attention. Pay close attention to the airlines announcements. They will tell you what is going on, and if you are in an oversold situation, you can end up making a few dollars like the family that made $11,000.
  • Lastly, keep calm – or as calm as you can. Being upset at the airline employees will just frustrate you and upset them. Remember they are definitely having a bad work day.
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