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unnamedAre you always concerned that you will be standing in line at TSA forever?

While there is no way to assure that you know how long the TSA line will be when you get there, My TSA is an app that offers you some insight. My TSA is a crowdsourcing app that lets users enter the amount of time they stood in the TSA line. These times are then aggregated by the app for other users to see. Of course, the app is only as good as the data that is entered, but chances are if people are standing in line for 2 hours, someone is bound to post on the app. Hopefully one day, TSA will actually monitor lines and update the app proactively. In addition to wait times, My TSA also provides helpful information regarding transportation security like details on what you can pack (but to be candid I just use the wait times portion of the app).

App Name: My TSA
Operating Systems: iOS, Android
Cost: FREE
Get it now! iOSAndroid


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