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Do you like to stay on top of your flight?

It is hard to know exactly when you are going to take off and land, but Flight Stats is the best app that I have been able to find to give me as much info as possible. Visually Flight Stats looks very technical and doesn’t tend to be the most user friendly, but the information it provides about flights is very granular. It not only tells you when a flight takes off and lands, it also tells you when it is expected to leave or return to a gate. The information seems to be updated as the information is adjusted by air traffic control, which gives me the sense that I have the most up to date information. In addition to up to date flight information, the app also gives you the delay index of flights (how likely it is to be delayed based on historical information) and the delay conditions of airports. This information is especially helpful when you are taking a flight or if you are picking someone up from the airport.

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