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Machu Picchu | Intro

Machu Picchu - The beauty is so real that this is not a professional photo.

Machu Picchu has become a popular destination recently. This amazing location is a UNESCO World Heritage site that displays the wonders of the Inca Empire. Set on top of a mountain in Peru, Machu Picchu has a mystical feeling in the morning as the fog rolls in.

This location has become increasingly popular with tourists and, as a result, added measures are being put in place to protect the ancient city. This amazing site is easy to get to for anyone on the east coast of the United States. The flight is pretty economical and there is no time change to adjust to.

For my 30th birthday, my mother and I went to Machu Picchu to celebrate. The beauty of Machu Picchu is breathtaking and surreal. However, a large part of the experience is the journey to the final destination. The culture, people and food of Peru are all amazing in and of themselves.

Follow along as I relive this journey and offer advice for anyone interested in this once and a lifetime journey.

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