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El Parque del Amor

Machu Picchu | Day Two, Lima

The second day, we started with a quick breakfast at the hotel. On our tour there were four people from Venezuela (the guide had to speak English and Spanish). First, we stopped at the “Park of Love” (El Parque del Amor) with a beautiful ocean view and sculptures replicating Park Güell in Barcelona.

Next was an old cathedral in the Plaza Mayor with the president’s house. We walked through the cathedral and to an old monastery. There was an old library here that had ancient books. It is like we stepped onto a movie set. There was also a crypt full of bones. Too bad no photos allowed.

IMG_2391The next tour was of two museums. First, was the museum of Peruvian history. The different types of textiles and pottery were beautiful. We then went to the Larco museum. The first gallery was the erotic gallery with pottery of the four types of eroticism. The pieces were very explicit.

The second gallery was full of gold and silver. The grounds of the museum were covered in beautiful flowers. A
s we left there was a hairless Peruvian dog. Funny he only responded to French!
After the museums, we went to dinner at a small local restaurant. I had a rice and seafood dish almost like paella with peppers and corn. It was across from the Mira Flores central park, which was packed with people. We then walked back to the hotel, packed for the next day and went to bed – this time prepared with long pjs, hats, and fleece!

Reflections and tips

  • Soak up the culture – While Machu Picchu might be your final destination, it is important to see some of the other sites along the way. Taking time in Lima is a great way to utilize longer layovers that might occur between your flight from home and the flight to Cuzco.
  • Be prepared to visit a church – There are churches and cathedrals everywhere. When visiting these locations, if you are female you will be expected to have on pants/skirt that comes down past your knees and in some cases have your shoulders covered.
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