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Carnival Vista | Day Eight, Day at Sea


Today was our final day at sea. The day started similar to the previous day, except for a little later because general session was shorter. I woke up early to grab breakfast at the Taste Bar and head to the general session. At the general session, we had our closing speakers. These speakers spoke on the state of the industry and provided “thank yous” to everyone that helped put on the conference.

A few highlights:

  • 2017 is going to be a “hot” year for Alaska. Demand has been high in Alaska and now cruise lines are sending more ships to the area. This change then creates a decrease in capacity in Europe. This means that if you are looking to cruise the Mediterranean this year, you will want to book soon.
  • There are two new ships in the Caribbean this year, the Carnival Vista of course and Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas. The Harmony of the Seas is a sister ship to the much acclaimed Oasis of the Seas.

After general session, we headed to Ji Ji, the Asian specialty dining restaurant. We arrived prior to the restaurant opening and stood in line to wait for a table. Once we were seated, we were able to enjoy custom bowls with all of the fixings we wanted. After lunch, I headed back to sessions. I attended a session about marketing on Facebook (you can follow me here) and maximizing public relations opportunities.

After all the sessions were done, we headed back out to the ship. I had planned to ride the Sky Ride, a track that runs above the ship, this day but it was closed for maintenance. Instead we hung out in one of the many hot tubs for a relaxing end to our trip.

We also walked around the ship, to enjoy the views. We were traveling so close to Cuba that you could see it off in the distance!

We looked at our watches though and realized it was time to get back to the rooms and pack. Cruise ships require that you put your luggage outside the door by a specific time the night before you disembark. We went to the rooms, changed and packed up everything except for our clothes for the next day. My bag was stuffed with all of the conference swag and vendor brochures. We set our bags outside the room and headed to dinner on the Lido deck. We had a nice dinner and then headed to the Liquid Lounge theatre. At the theatre, there was an illusionist show, however we were tired so we went back to the room. On the way, I stopped by to pick up the photos that were bought from Pixels.

Reflections and tips:

Plan for leaving your luggage out the night before disembarkation: Make sure to bring a carry-on that will both allow you to have clothes for day one and to plan for packing up the night before the cruise ends.

Don’t wait to do something until the last day: Don’t be like me and plan to do something on the last day of the cruise. You never know, it might not be available for one reason or another.

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