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When is the best time to take a cruise?

One of the most frequent questions that I get is “When is the best time to take a cruise?” The short answer is that it depends on two key factors : location and budget. These factors then need to be balanced against any restrictions you might have like children’s school calendars and that big project at work.

Location, location, location

No matter when you would like to cruise, there is a location that is in its prime season. The Caribbean is fantastic year round; however, some of the more exotic destinations are seasonal. For example, you can only cruise to Alaska between May and September; to Europe between April and November; to Bermuda, between April and October; the Panama Canal, between September and April.


Your budget will also determine the best time for you to cruise. Each cruise destination has high and low times, based on several factors. The Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations and for US travelers the easiest to get to. Because of this summer and spring break season tend to be high season, especially for cruise lines that cater towards kids. On the flip side, hurricane season tend to be the low season for Caribbean cruises. The restricted nature of the seasons in many of the exotic destinations, tend to level out the pricing. However, sailing on the fringes of these seasons can sometimes gain you better pricing.

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