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Fees and Policies

Please see below for my fees and policies.

Referral Bonus : Referrals are the best way to grow a business. If you refer a friend, your friend will have their first booking fee waived ($30 for the first booking) and you will receive $50 towards your next trip valued at $2000 or more. Bonuses are applied to the final payment of each trip. The “thank-you” bonus is applied to a future trip occurring after your friend has traveled. Up to 3 “thank-you” bonuses can be used per vacation. If you are not planning on going on a vacation anytime soon, please let me know and I will send you a $10 Starbucks gift card instead.

Service Fee : The service fee for a booking is $30 per booking.

Airfare Booking Fee : Many vacations are quoted to you as a package that includes flight. The flight is typically pre-contracted by the resort, tour company or cruise line. For these types of vacations, there is no airline booking fee.

If the airfare is booked separate from your hotel/cruise, either because the hotel/cruise line does not contract flights or because you would like me to search for a low-cost carrier, there is a $30 per person booking fee. I will clearly state when there is an airline booking fee.

Cancellation Fee : Many cancellation penalties and fees are governed by the specific supplier. Most airfare and travel protection is non-refundable at booking. However, many hotels, all-inclusive resorts, tour companies and cruise lines has a refund schedule. In addition to the supplier cancellation fees, there is a $35 per person processing fee associated with any cancellations. For example, if you cancel a cruise for 2 people and the supplier charges $250 to cancel, your total cancellation fee will be $320.

Change Fee : Many change fees are also governed by the specific supplier. There are no additional processing fees for changes to an itinerary like name changes, cabin changes, or date changes.

Payment Terms : All payment terms are controlled by the supplier that is providing your vacation services. These terms will vary greatly, however there are a few rules of thumb. Most contracted hotels will required that you pay in full upfront. Most all-inclusive packages, tours and cruise lines will require a deposit of some sort (10 – 50% depending on the company) with the deposit due on average 30 – 90 days prior to travel. Vacations booked after the supplier’s final payment date are required to be paid in full at the time of booking. Vacations booked for the holiday season tend to require full payment further from the time of travel. I will provide the specific payment terms to you.

Research Fee : I completely understand that plans change. When this happens, you might have had me look for a trip that you end up not taking. However, after one research only engagement in a six month period, I will ask for a $100 research fee for future requests. This $100 research fee will be placed towards the deposit of your trip, should you book.

What is considered a research only engagement? In addition to a trip that is researched and not booked, a trip where your original request changes is also considered a research only engagement. For instance, if you want go to the Bahamas, but after I provide a quote you decide you would prefer to look at Miami, your Bahamas trip was research only. It is important that we talk ahead of time about your desired vacation so that it is clear where you might want to go and what you might want to do. Note : this does not include searching additional resorts or cruise lines to hone in on the perfect vacation for you, any Cruise Fare Watches that you ask for me to place for you OR any trips I send your way because they sound like something you might be interested in.